Persuasive Essay Contest Winner

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Ms. Bunch

Period 7

March 3, 2015

Grammar: Why We Should Use It and What It Can Do For Our Lives Grammar is very important for many people in the world, including me. It is in both spoken and written language, daily life, and places we least expect it to be–like jobs.  Grammar is significant to those who write and speak on a continual basis, as in the writing and business professions. Sometimes job applicants will not acquire employmentbecause of their grammatical inaccuracy. Although it is beneficial, people think grammar is insignificant.

According to Kyle Wiens, CEO of two companies (iFix It and Dozuki), “If job hopefuls can’t distinguish between ‘to’ and ‘too,’ their applications go into the bin.” Kyle and many other companies prefer to hire experienced and grammatically skilled workers. For example, documents written for business purposes must be accurate and appear professional.

Precise grammar does not always have to be used when speaking with close friends or family. However, it is different when writing for a college class or for a professionally related job. You cannot incorporate “u” or “l8r” in a paper. Obviously, it appears unprofessional and indolent. English professor Mark Goldblatt says, “The last thing [your teachers] want the last thing any reader who’s not your ‘BFF’ wants, is to wade through a bog of your ungrammatical writing.” Continual practice and usage helps to improve oneself and increases one’s chances for success.

Misunderstood text messages could get you in trouble, so make sure yourcommunication is clear. In her blog entry titled “The New Etiquette of Texting,” Maralee McKee relates a story about a misunderstood text message. “Don’t use text lingo and short-hand unless you’re positive (It’s really hard to be positive.) the recipient is fluent in the constantly emerging language of texting. One techno-savvy twenty-something wrongly assumed ‘LOL’ meant ‘lots of love.’ Poor girl, she was heartbroken and embarrassed when she found out the guy on the other end was being rude by ‘laughing out loud.’ He wasn’t sending his love at all.”

Additionally, incorrect spelling can cause communication problems. For instance, “new”,“knew”, “their”, “there”, and “they’re” must be spelled and used correctly in order to comprehend because Kyle Wiens and other people become disturbed. Another example would be “knead” and “need.” I can relate to the example above because it happened to me when I used the wrong word in a text message. A friend of mine laughed her head off and now I will never hear the end of it. She keeps teasing me about the mistake. As a result, I realize the importance of vocabulary and grammar in any type of communication. When texting important messages, be sure to type it as well as possible so recipients understand it. Grammar and vocabulary are part of our language and should be practiced and perfected.

Good grammar helps you to attain your goals in life such as in jobs and college classes. Use good grammar when applying for jobs, writing for a class and speaking with clarity. If you are a teen in high school, you may want to start improving grammar and building vocabulary. The format in a well-written paper may make you feel and look professional, smart, and confident in yourself. We can make this world a better place by using our grammar appropriately.

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Shall I compare thee to a light cool breeze,

Swift and cool as rain,

But as unpredictable as the ocean seas,

Fast paced as a freight train,

Calm as the trees in the forest,

Pure as the snowflake in a winter snow fall,

As sweet as the melody in a chorus,

But as fragile as a china doll,

You’re unafraid of danger,

You will put up a fight,

In a way you’re like a stranger,

As magnificent as the stars in the night,

Eyes of fire with a heart of gold,

You gallop through the heavens as legend foretold.




Listen — to what I have to say to you.

It’s imperative that you understand

Everything I have to say, because – you

Will die, and you will not ever stand.

What you’re about to face is — critical

And you may — or may not endure,

But when I initiate the protocol

To run – I want you to run for sure.

Go to the mountains, there you will be safe

And there you will stay until I come

Be still and pray and concentrate on faith –

Soon He will come – and soon His Kingdom.

Don’t be afraid – don’t be scared – don’t be

Walk with Him and stand for Him – but don’t be scared – Don’t Be…


A Poem and a Short Story

Chuska Mountain Home



You know its summer when the air gets warmer and school is going to end very soon,

The smell of freshly made tortillas and steak burgers makes for a perfect summer afternoon after being out in the field all morning with the sheep,

The sound of sheep bells in the distance as they slowly make their way back on their own, cows bellowing in a distant field, wild horses grazing in the distance,

In mid-afternoon, herd the sheep to the lake to be watered, slowly they graze some more back to the camp,

This makes for another peaceful summer day.


Mountain Top



          He ran up the 45 degree incline and continued on as he reached the top. The closer he got to the top of the mountain, he grew weaker with every step, but he struggled on. He was not going to lose a second time. No not this time. He was determined to reach Isabella before Aaron Noward. If not, Isabella would be killed and then he would fail. Fail to save a life. Fail to reach IMF protocol 4. 0. 7. If that protocol was not reached, he would fail the test and start all over again back in the academy. So the point was to get to Isabella first.

            He stopped and studied the task ahead. There was a cliff in front of him about 12 yards. Then beyond that, a 4 yard stretch of nothing but air. He would have to jump it. He took a few deep breaths and took off. Suddenly bullets flew over his head and he stopped abruptly and dropped to his knees. The bullets missed. He looked at the huge clock on the wall behind him and saw that he had 3 minutes left. He waited until the shooters had to reload and then he took off. He ran as fast as he could and ignored the bullets that were chasing him. He reached the ledge, and he jumped.

            As he flew across the drop off zone, bullets went by barely missing him. He looked down and saw the 30 foot drop below. He closed his eyes and then hit the opposite ledge. He rolled and then slammed right into a brick wall which was painted to look like a rock wall. He jumped up and began running up the last path to the top. The path twisted around the peak of the mountain and met the top of the mountain. He reached the top and fell on his face.

            He was tired and out of breath. He sucked in air a bit and then after almost having a heart attack, he lifted up his head and glanced at the clock. Thirty seconds left. He started crawling and moved from there to his feet. He ran and made it to the center of the mountain. Once he did he dropped to a crouch position gasping for air. A loud buzzer went off and a voice congratulated him for making it to Isabella or the finish line. He looked up and saw that he was not at the top of the mountain, but close to it. Hestood up and slowly walked up the little incline towards the top. As he approached the mountain top he raised his hands in victory.

Metaphor: Emulating Poet N. Scott Momaday

I am Poem

By E.A.

I am a fan of football; my favorite team is the Cowboys

I am a bucket of chocolate ice cream

I am a cook that has a desire to try something new

I am a person who loves to play video games

I am the kid that loves a challenge

I am not ever going to give up because that is not who I am

I am the person who loves the action in a good book

I am the child that likes to hang out with his brothers and little sister

I am always going to remember what will be the right thing to do

I am the kid that will be there for his family

I am always going to love my family because they are there for me

I am the kid that loves to cook and wants to be a chef

I am the American eagle who is ready to soar high into the sky

I am the mountain lion who is looking for his pray

I am the sun who keeps you warm and shines bright as light

I am the wolf who howls when the full moon is out

I am a solider fighting for my country, proud and honored I will serve my country

You see, there is not much to see when you are visually impaired

I stand proud of who I have become not regretting a thing

I stand for my family because they are all I have

I stand not so high but my spirit is as high as the sky

You see, I have not much, but all I need is my family

I am Poem

by L.S.

I am the cool breeze when you are walking down the street on a hot summer day,

I am the soft pillow ready to pull you into a deep sleep,

I am the last drop of water that has just quenched your thirst,

I am the nectar that the bee needs to make the honey,

I am the cocoon that protects the butterfly while it sleeps,

I am the fire that keeps you warm at night,

I am the sun that breathes life in to the plants,

You see my hand guiding you to the light,

I am the water that puts out the burning house,

I am the little bird that sings a soft song in the morning,

I am the air in the basketball that causes it to bounce.

I am the warm hand that leads you toward the light.

I am the boat that keeps you above water.

I am the whale that swims deep below the surface,

I am the shark looking for something to eat,

I am the cold dark sea.

I am



I am the shy girl in the back of the room.

I am the cowgirl in the arena.

I am the mysterious darkness of the night.

I am the dreamer of dreams.

I am the horse running wild and free.

I am the thorn on a rose.

I am sweeter than honeysuckle.

I am the bird ready to fly.

I am the lone wolf howling to the moonlit night.

I am the singer in the bar.

I am a star on the rise.

You see I may be shy but I am not weak. I was born to ride, born to sing. You may see me as weird but it is normal to me.

I stand my ground to those who don’t agree.

I stand by my horse in the arena.

I stand with my guitar on stage.

I stand for the cowgirl ways.

You see, I will always be me. This world may change but it won’t change me. I will always be the girl in the saddle. I will always be the girl holding a guitar.

I am



I am the flow of music

I am the girl who rides a horse in the country

I am the creative writer that is like a spider

I am the river that must join the ocean someday

I am the person that will help others out

I am the breeze that often blows through the trees

I am the eagle that flies through the warm summer skies

I am the dog that never seems to get enough playtime

I am the one who you can always depend on to lend a helping hand

I am the maple tree that makes maple syrup in the spring

I am the rainforest tree that grows high above the canopy for everyone to see

I am the lily that is quite appealing

I am the water spilling over a cliff if you catch my drift

I am the farmer that harvests corn away for winter.

I am


D. L.

I am the iPhone

I am Facebook’s other half

I am Siri’s little sister

I am the Jabberjay

I am the clothes that lie on shelves waiting to be purchased

I am the Kleenex that will wipe your tears

I am the bandage that closes the wounds

I am so cool ice cubes are jealous

I am the one who doesn’t like math because it adds on to my list of problems

I am the one who makes the simplest things into rocket science

I am in a relationship with Doctor Pepper

I am music’s biggest fan

I am morning’s worst enemy

I am the one who thinks imperfection is beautiful

You see I’m not perfect, but I am valuable

I stand as tall as a sky scraper

I stand for those who’ve fallen

I stand for the weirdness in me

You see, I’m not normal but I am one of a kind.

The Art



I am the student wanting to learn

I am the master wanting to teach

I am the kata needing perfection

I am the stance needing balance

I am the archer taking aim

I am the crane ready to kick

I am the mantis timing my strike

I am the monkey waiting for the right time

I am the tiger stocking his target

I am the belts of many colors

I am the weak becoming strong

I am savage learning discipline

I am calm in times of chaos

I am ready when you are not

I am Kempo

I am the art

You see me as others see me

I stand ready

I stand for the fight

I stand when you can’t

I stand fearless

You see the art.

I am



I am the flash of lightning in a darkened night sky.

I am the beating of a loving heart.

I am the gentle touch of a feather on skin.

I am the wind that frolics across the land,

I am the chords and rhythm of your favorite band.

I am the steam that dances about your cup,

I am the balloon that rises up and up.

I am the warmth in your bed,

I am the song that plays in your head.

I am the sunset so beautiful and true,

I am the sweet sound of I love you.

I am the sweet joy of Christmas time,

I am your favorite nursery rhyme.

I am the taste of your favorite treat.

I am the bitter the sour and the sweet.

I am the snowflake that tickles your nose,

I am the gentle sweet smell of a rose.

I am the way things go.

You see, I am your life.

I stand for love

I stand for strife

I stand for happiness,

I stand for all of this.

You see me, hear me, and look at me.

I am life.

I am



I am the weird PC man,

I am the birds that tweet and make sound,

I am the screen that people touch,

I am  the laughter when it comes to jokes.

I am the guy that is always writing,

I am the pencil that explodes when I’m used,

I am the scratching sound that you hear when someone is writing

I am the clicking of the keyboard when someone is typing.

I am the clarity, that awesome, awesome clarity,

I am the singer, the one that sings too much,

I am the  person who is  fighting the viruses,

I am the weirdest item that ever existed.

I am a scientist learning code,

I am the beautiful sound of  a cash register,

I am the debit card that everyone is holding,

I am the good of all goods that works from sun up to sun down.

I am the weird guy that looks at the floor,

I am the blind guy holding a cane,

I am abnormal to some people, but normal to others,

I am the worst guy going out on a date.

You see that I can do things that other people cannot,

I stand for the simple that is the greatest,

I stand up for all of the things I want to hear,

I stand as the Titan of Technology,

I stand to show the musicians what the best songs are, MY MUSIC!

You see, I am the clarity in technology, and Music!